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Introduction à l’AcroYoga, Lars Kropac et Pauline Willrodt

18 juillet 2015 @ 14 h 15 min - 15 h 45 min

Learning to Fly EN Learning to Fly is a workshop for absolute beginners. No experience required. No special skills necessary. Everybody can join us and everybody will fly – this is a promise  You can fly on someone´s feet today! Want to try it? We will join in a circle and get together to start with some simple exercises. These will show you, how much your body is already capable of. Together we will train our awareness for the body – our own and our partners´. Also we will show you both branches of Acroyoga: therapeutic (in which the flyer is being massaged in the air) and more acrobatic (flyers: here you will have to work a little ). Bases will learn to assume responsabilty, to support and to take care of another person. Come alone, or bring a friend. Everybody will learn how to base and fly! FR Learning to Fly, c´est un atelier pour le debutants. Pas d’éxperiences ni de capacités speciales necessaires. Chacun peut nous rejoindre et chacun apprendra voler. C´est promis  Tu pourras voler sous les pieds d´un ami : veux-tu l´essayer ? Nous nous réunirons dans un cercle et nous commençerons avec des exercices simples. Ces exercices te vont montrer tout-ce que ton corps et déjà capable à faire. Ensemble nous allons améliorer la conscience du corps –  le tien et celui de tes partenaires. Nous vous montrerons les deux variantes de l´Acroyoga : lunaire (thérapeutique), dont les « Flyers» sont massés en plein air sur le pieds des « Bases » et solaire (la variation plus acrobatique), où les Flyers doivent travailler un peu plus ;-). Les Bases apprendront à assurer la résponsabilité, supporter et s´occuper de ses Flyers. Viens seul ou avec un ami. Tout le monde apprendra à baser ainsi qu’à voler !   Bio Lars Kropac For me, Acroyoga is like a dance. Giving, receiving, leading, following, caring and respecting. Listening. And answering. To my own needs, to your needs. To my own desires and to your desires. Most of us underestimate the awesome power and skill already embodied in us. In this wonderful thing we call “body”. Acroyoga for me is about unlocking these skills, uncovering them. A lot of them are already there, sometimes just hidden beneath a little fear and anxiety. I am supporting you in acknowledging them … and let them go. As I am basing mostly, Acroyoga for me is a lot about earning your trust. Meeting in a shared space. Finding that one perfect spot for lift-off. Seeing you. Taking care of both of our bodies. And embracing this soul flying on me. Guiding your first “steps” is very, very gratifying. Helping you to experience, see and feel how easy “it” can be. And I forgot to mention: It is so much fun!! Bio Pauline Willrodt When I was lifted up in the air for the first time, I knew immediately that I wanted to pass on this experience. Acroyoga to me is more than a sport. It is a holistic concept. A concept which connects lovely people all over the world, improves communication skills and body sensations, creates a place to open up and being mirrored. It is based on trust, teamwork, loving kindness, safety and fun. It can make you feel light as a feather or rooted like a tree. With these ingredients personal limits -physical and emotional – can be melted. Especially for beginners it is important to start growing their wings in a safe environment. Therefore in my classes I try to create an „airport“ which is based on listening, trust and respect. Since this year we are both Certified AcroYoga Level 1 Teacher.


Date :
18 juillet 2015
Heure :
14 h 15 min - 15 h 45 min
Site :


785 chemin de Bibemus, aix en provence, 13100, France

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